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All-Tech Repair Putty Stick

All-Tech Repair Putty Stick is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Epoxy or Polyester, it doesn't matter! The FCS All tech Repair Putty instantly repairs dings to get you back in the water in no time, no matter what technology your surfboard is! The putty is activated by a kneading motion and can be surfed while the putty is curing, no sun required. Mix it. Fix it. Surf it!


  • Quick set formula cures wet or dry in 20 minutes
  • Cut it, Mix it, Fix it
  • No messy resin mixing
  • All weather activation
  • Aquacure technology
  • Instructions: For best results remove any loose fiberglass, foam, and wax from ding. Clean and roughen the effected area with light sanding. Remove putty from tube and peel back plastic lining. Cut off the desired amount using a wax comb or blade. To activate the putty knead between fingers until it turns white. Work the putty into the ding and apply pressure until adhesion begins to take affect. Smooth surface of the putty with wet fingers to avoid sanding. The Quick Set Formula has a 20 minute working time. After 20 minutes the putty will harden and bond to the board. Final curing time takes 60 minutes.