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FCS II Touring Sup Fin

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FCS II Touring Sup Fin is available for purchase in increments of 1

This fin is ideal for flat water exploration on lakes and inland waterways, yet it will also perform well in small surf conditions. Streamlined design offers quick maneuverability and turning, and the seamless leading edge shed weed quickly.

  • The fin can be inserted, removed or adjusted in seconds.
  • No screw and plate required.
  • Fits a variety of existing single fin boxes.
  • Suited to a variety of conditions from surf to flat water.


Board Types

  • Surf, Hybrid and Race SUP’s


Glass Flex Material - Injection moulding process ensures geometric accuracy and provides a reliable and consistent feel. These fins are ideal for novice surfers because the relaxed (subtle) flex of these fins can be engaged with minimal effort, and as the flex returns to a neutral position the fin produces a whip-like effect that propels the board forward, and helps to maintain speed and acceleration.


Fin Length: 9"

Base: 7.23" / 183mm 

Depth: 9.14" / 232mm 

Area: 43.51"² / 28073mm² 

Sweep: 34.2º 

Foil: 50/50