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Alpinist 70mm Skins

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Tour to new heights with G3's Alpinist Skins. These lightweight, high glide, climbing skins use proprietary twin tip connectors to secure the 70mm wide skins to skis. Along with the skins, you get a trim tool and a stuff sack.


  • Innovative laminated tip connector with low-profile, self-aligning stainless steel hands for a secure, lightweight connection
  • Low profile laminated tail strap
  • Proprietary lightweight, fast gliding, high traction, supple synthetic plush
  • RipStrip to reduce skin-to-skin adhesion making it easier to pull apart skins


-30°C / -22°F:   Unlike most other skins, G3's proprietary skin adhesive is specifically formulated to be fully functional and usable down to -30°C / -22°F; a unique G3 feature that you'll notice when you need it the most.


Non-Toxic Adhesive:   G3's proprietary adhesive does not use or create any toxic or environmentally harmful compounds during the manufacturing process. Feel safe and comfortable when using and working with G3 skins - we do!


Water Proof:   G3 skins come with a durable, hydrophobic, and waterproof factory treatment that keeps the skins dry, preventing dreaded "snow clumping" from ruining your tour. This feature results in fewer frustrations and far less fatigue while touring through multiple temperature zones.


Trim Tool:   With a double-blade design and an ergonomic grip, G3's famous climbing skin trim tool quickly and easily trims skins for a perfect fit. With a built-in offset, each cut is precise, leaving the ski edges slightly exposed; making you look like a pro.