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MightyMo Backpacking Stove

MightyMo Backpacking Stove is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Heat liquids, tasty meals, and remove some of the complexities of survival while backpacking with a MightMo from JetBoil. The JetBoil MightyMo stove cooperates with a majority of your flat bottom cookware and will of course boil your liquids, heat and fry meals, and help you whip up that can of chili, even if the temps are downright the other chilly.


  • The Heat:   10,000 BTUs that are controllable for optimal performance as well as unbeatable flame honing.
  • The Consistency:   JetBoil regulator design and refined diaphragm promote consistent performance even if temperatures are down to 20°F (-6ºC).
  • The Compatibility:   Intended to be used with any flat bottom pot or pan and FluxRing components.
  • The Ignition:   Easy and convenient stove starts with a press of a button.
  • The Pack-ability:   The stove wings for supporting your cookware fold down to allow more space for other items in your pack.
  • The Fuel Situation:   Fuel canister not included, and not available for web purchases. Visit our Portland Area Location or your favorite camping shop to get cooking.



Fuel Type:   Canister

Fuel:   Isobutane-propane

Auto Ignition:   Yes

Average Boil Time:   3 minutes

Weight Category:   ultralight

Weight:   3.3 oz

Dimensions:   4.1 x 6.5 inches