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Flex-Lock is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Ride like a Soft Booter, Tour like a Hardbooter. Sidehilling – no longer the bane of splitboarders. Simply flip the Flex-Lock lever to gain sidehilling leverage. You’ve never been so powerful while touring in icy conditions. Flip the lever back to regain lateral flex to surf the mountain and kick your methods.

  • Maximize Edging - Triangulation between top of highback and ankle strap provides lateral support. Prevents ankle from rolling over allowing for maximum power transfer to the edge of ski.
  • One Flip Operation - Quick 180° flip from flex-off to flex-on.
  • Ankle Strap Release - Releases when ankle ratchet is released, no third strap to remove.
  • Full Range of Motion - Full range of lateral flex when Flex-Lock is turned off. This means you can kick your methods with ease and butter your muffins with out any resistance.
  • Works with all Karakoram Bindings since 2012