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Kula 5 Cooler

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Meet the KULA. Yeah, its round! And well, why shouldn’t it be. The minds behind Kula figured since all your drinks are round it only made sense. The KULA is a tool for your life. Lightweight, easy to carry, tough as hell and designed to keep ice till the cows come home. From campfire barstool to a beachside lunch box, the KULA is there when you need it.


  • Gatorshell®: Roto molded plastic construction that led the Gator Proof Alliance to certify these babies “GATOR PROOF.”
  • BadAss® Insulation: Kul'as designers cold tested the KULA for days in a bunch of different conditions and found that your ice will consistently outlast you in the heat.
  • Bottle Jaws™: Yeah, it comes with an integrated stainless steel bottle opener. Shouldn’t every cooler?
  • Lid Trax: The KULA makes the perfect seat so the Kula creators figured they might as well make it more comfortable.
  • 270 Hinge: With a unique rear rubber hinge the KULA lid can open ‘all-the-way’ so that you can grab your drink from any side.
  • Sticky™ Feet: Sticky rubber feet help keep the KULA from sliding all around and keep it stable enough to use as a step stool, sitting stool or even a casting platform.
  • Travelink™ Latch Points: Kula creators built in side mounted stainless steel pins for the Travelink™ carry sling just in case you need a helping shoulder to carry the load.
  • OneHand™ Latch: No Explanation needed. You can open and close the KULA using just one hand.
  • Tote™ Handle: Outfitted with a rotating stainless steel handle, the KULA can easily be transported with one hand.
  • Large Capacity: Five gallons to be exact. KULA makes the perfect companion for that backyard barbecue or pre-game tailgate party by toting plenty of beverages and food for all to enjoy.
  • Tub Drain™: Kula designers put the drain plug on the bottom. Where it should be. No more nasty water hanging around.
  • 5 Year Warranty: They're are so confident in the quality of the KULA, Kula backs it with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.



Outer Dimensions:   16.75 inches

Inner Width:   11.75 inches

Outer height:   14.25 inches

Inner Height:   11 inches

Volume:   5 Gallons

Weight:   13 lbs.



Gatorshell®:   Food Grade PE Plastic

Lid Trax™:   EVA Foam

Tote Handle:   Stainless Steel

OneHand Latch:   Molded Rubber

Lid Seal:   Molded Rubber

Bottle Jaws™:   Stainless Steel

Sticky™ Feet:   Molded Rubber

BadAss® Insulation:   PU Foam

Tub Drain™:   Nylon