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Ultrasonic Skate XC Skis

Regular Price: $179.95

FROM: $139.95

You save: $40.00 (22%)

Regular Price: $179.95

FROM: $139.95

You save: $40.00 (22%)
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Ultrasonic Skate XC Skis is available for purchase in increments of 1

The Ultrasonic Skate Ski is the perfect entry-level skate ski for aspiring cross-country racers. Its moderate side cut and sintered racing base provide reliable stability, while its lightweight paulownia-carbon core delivers a lively performance in a variety of snow conditions.

P-Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base - The P-tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base uses polyethylene pellets pressed into a hard block and cut off into thin strips. This results in a very hard base that is relatively porous and accepts glide wax well, especially after numerous applications.

Torsion Cap Construction - Torsion Cap Construction reinforces the ski’s core with a cap, allowing for a very durable and lightweight construction.

  • 1) Cap or 3D Cap
  • 2) Unidirectional Fiberglass
  • 3) Unidirectional Carbon
  • 4) Core
  • 5) Multidirectional Fiberglass
  • 6) Base


Dimensions: 44-40-44

Construction: Torsion Cap Construction

Core: Wood / Carbon

Base: P-Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base

Metal Edge: No

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year against defects