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northwest creeking competition


DATES ARE SET! THE NWCC IS APRIL 8th & 9th 2017!!!


NWCC - Northwest Creeking Competition



The NWCC is a thriving two-day event and one of the biggest races in the country! The event boasts two amazing race courses on both the East Fork Lewis River and Canyon Creek. The event headquarters is set at scenic Sunset Falls Campground where participants can enjoy a great view of racers negotiating the beautiful Sunset Falls, enjoy a great BBQ, music, and have an all-around fun time! Day two competitors head over to Canyon Creek to challenge themselves on one of the best and most beautiful race courses in the nation!

The Northwest Creeking Competition, formerly known as the Canyon Creek Race, was started to preserve and save the scenic lower stretch of Canyon Creek WA from hydroelectric development. Today the NWCC is a weekend long whitewater festival with courses on both Canyon Creek and The East Fork Lewis River and every April kayakers from all over come to the scenic Washington state to celebrate the river life!


For more details visit www.northwestcreekingcomp.com

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Race Rules

Race Results are organized by gender, class (your skill level) and category (craft). It takes 3 racers to make a category. (River Board, SUP, I-K will get lumped in if less than 2 show up.)

When signing up, choose what class best represents you based on the following definitions:

  • Pro: You are a sponsored or professional boater. ‘Nuff said.
  • Expert: You are the dedicated boater who really gets after it as often as you can. This category is for everyone who has experience boating class IV/V water and is ready to bring your best game.
  • Fun: You are the boater who is here for the camaraderie and the accomplishment. You like the challenge of class IV/V water but only race recreationally for fun. If this level of kayaking is at the top of your comfort zone consider the team category for the support and the good lines.

*NO drinking before the races! Anyone found drinking prior to their race run will be automatically disqualified.

Craft Categories include: K1 Short Boat, K1 Long Boat, K2, Team (two racers taking on the course together), Inflatable Kayak, Raft, and other whitewater appropriate craft with 3 racers to make a category.

Racers will be expected to come prepared in proper immersion gear in order to participate in the race! Don't show up to race in shorts! It will be spring in the Northwest, which means dress appropriately. Dry suits are not mandatory but are STRONGLY encouraged. Competitors must bring proper safety and rescue equipment to the event (water, float bags, throw ropes, first aid kits, etc.). You are required to have inflated float bags in your boat during the race.

Schedule of Events



8:30 Registration Opens at Sunset Falls Campground

9:00/9:30/10:00 AM Shuttle from Copper Creek Confluence - For Practice Runs

10:00 AM Registration Closes

10:30 AM MANDATORY Competitor’s Meeting - following meeting, shuttle to Mass Start Race

11:00 AM Mass Start Race - Kayaks & Rafts
FIRST race is Kayak Mass Start followed immediately by the Raft Mass Start.

11:30 AM Time Trial Racing Begins - Be Ready in the Eddy
Time Trail (all classes including raft R-2 time trials) begin immediately following raft mass start and end around 3:30 PM. Racing will continue as long as there are racers in the eddy.

11:30 AM Shuttles from Copper Creek Confluence Begin

4:00 PM Shuttles from Copper Creek Confluence End

4:30 BBQ Provided by Next Adventure at Sunset Falls Park

6:30 Volunteer Recognition & Raffle, Awards Ceremony, Event Raffles and more Festivities at Sunset Falls Park



NO Registration: All racers for Canyon Creek must pre-register online or register at Sunset Falls Campground on Saturday Morning.

10:30 AM MANDATORY Competitors Meeting at Forest Service Parking Lot.

10:45 AM Shuttles to Canyon Creek Put-in Begin from Forest Service Parking Lot

11:30 AM Racing Begins at Thrasher

12:30 PM Shuttles from Forest Service Parking Lot to Canyon Creek Put-in End

1:30 PM Shuttles from Canyon Creek Take-out to Forest Service Parking Lot Begin

1:30-2 PM Canyon Creek Race is completed

3:30 PM Shuttles from Canyon Creek Take-out to Forest Service Parking Lot End

4:00 PM Awards Ceremony for Canyon Creek Race at Forest Service Parking Lot Begin

Event Registration

Race entry fees are $15 per day (online) or $25 per day (on site) per person. We will have fun, expert, and pro classes for men's and women's K1 categories. Short boat length restriction is 8'11" (2.7m for all you international folk). This length restriction allows all current creek boat designs. Longboat class has no length restriction.