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3 Day Bushcraft Skills Trip


Destination: Mt. Hood National Forest & Clackamas River Valley
Where we meet: Next Adventure 8:00 AM, return to shop by 5:00 PM
Duration: 3 Days, 2 Nights
Cost: $375
Experience Necessary: Backcountry experience recommended but not required
Equipment Provided: Next Adventure will provide meals, basic backpacking equipment as needed, along with experienced guides.

The Bushcraft Skills Trip focuses on demonstrating the use of emergency and survival gear and survival techniques (bushcraft). This 3 day course will teach lifesaving fundamentals for survival in an emergency situation. Although bushcraft takes years of experience and practice, this course will familiarize you with basic survival practices as well as introduce more advanced concepts. While creating a positive experience in the outdoors, this course will not only be fun but also potentially lifesaving.

Fire skills, as well as cooking, water purification, and shelter building, will be contained to a campground and dependent on safe conditions.


Sample Curriculum:
-Fire building tools and basics and how to start fires with both wet and dry wood.
-Shelter construction with what you bring as well as discussion only von how to construct shelters from materials found in the wilderness.
-Effective and safe use of knives and tools.
-Navigation and map and compass skills.
-Water purification and storage techniques and why this knowledge is valuable.
-Discussion only on how to trap, fish and forage in the event food
-Supply rationing and how to cook properly.
-Signals and signaling techniques
-Explanation and application of LNT principles.
What's included:
-Trip Planning & Pre-Trip Info
-Free Gear Rental: Tent, stove, sleeping bag, sleep pad & backpack (if you need them)
-Meals (2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 breakfast)
-Transportation to and from shop in a smooth-riding van
-Qualified Drivers and Experienced Guides
-The low-down on how to stay warm, safe and comfortable on the trail
-Natural Interpretation of flora, fauna, geology and local history
-Snacks and water treatment
-Big trees and bigger mountains
 What you need to bring:
-Sturdy hiking shoes with synthetic or wool socks (2 sets)
-Hiking apparel (anything but cotton) (2 sets)
-Water (2 quart capacity) &  - snacks if you have special dietary needs
-Sun and rain gear
-Headlamp/flashlight & batteries
-Lightweight mug and/or bowl
-Spoon or spork
-Personal hygiene and medications
-Your sense of awe and wonder
-Your trail essentials  (see below)
Things you may want to bring:
-Trekking poles
-Notebook / sketchbook
-Field guide
-Backpacking chair
Trail Essentials:
-Map & Compass
-Water & Extra Food
-Extra Clothing Layers & Rain Gear
-Sun Gear (sunglasses, sunblock, hat)
-First Aid Kit & personal meds
-Matches/lighter & firestarter
-Gear repair kit & Emergency survival kit
-Toilet paper in 2 plastic bags


Forest Service logoNext Adventure is a fully-insured licensed Outfitter and Guide with the State of Oregon. Next Adventure is an equal opportunity Recreation Provider operating under special use permit on the Mt. Hood National Forest and Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, USDA Forest Service. Next Adventure Guide-Instructors are locally trail-experienced, and carry current Wilderness First Response certification.