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Mod Snowboard - 2019

Regular Price: $599.99

FROM: $300.00

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Regular Price: $599.99

FROM: $300.00

You save: $299.99 (50%)
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One thing is consistent in all of Stale’s edits—the Mod. From the big contest-sized jumps, to the trannies he finds all over the mountain, to the top-to-bottom rail lines, the Mod is his weapon of choice. It is the one high-tech, high-response design that lets him do what his creative snowboard mind imagines. Super poppy with pure positive camber and advance response-enhancing technology, the Mod is built to stomp.

  • AirPop Superlight Core Matrix - Integrated into a matrix of responsive poplar wood laminates, they lay in five zones of low-density, ultra light wood to reduce weight.
  • SuperlightBiax Carbon Laminate - A lightweight matrix of 0 and 90 degree fibers is the foundation of this laminate’s freestyle feel. Then they add carbon to give these boards more ollie pop and edge response.
  • SinterCarbon Base - Based on their high-end sintered structure, this base features a carbon additive that reduces friction to give you knuckle-clearing speed.
  • TurboRods – Carbon Reverse Radial V - This pattern features arcs that start under the bindings and bend towards the middle of the board at the contact points in the nose and tail. On Rome's advanced freestyle boards, this focuses rider energy in the middle of the board for added ollie pop without significantly increasing the torsional response.
  • Kevlar Impact Plates
  • Stay Positive - They will always make the camber that most of our team riders and long-term Syndicate riders demand: positive camber through 100% of the running length. The reason why snowboarders like Stale, Ozzy, Bjorn and Alek like pure positive camber is for the high level of response it delivers. It loads rider energy and releases it with a distinctive feel for precision and power for carving, poppy off the lip of a jump, stomping a landing or locking into a rail trick.
  • True Twin - The True Twin shapes are perfectly symmetrical. Stances are centered and the nose is identical to the tail. If you want to mount your bindings “backwards”, the board will ride exactly the same. The best boards in the line for riding switch, the True Twins define the the personality of their park boards and all-mountain freestyle boards.


Profile: Stay Positive Camber

Shape: True Twin

Effective Edge(mm): [156] 1220  [159] 1250  [162] 1280

Waist Width(mm): [156] 254  [159] 256  [162] 258

Sidecut Radius(m): [156] 8.02  [159] 8.13  [162] 8.35

Stance Width: [156] 19.5" - 24.25"  [159-162] 20.5" - 25.25"

Stance Setback: 0

Mount:  2 x 4

Core: Wood

Base: SinterCarbon Base

Recommended Rider Weight(lbs): [156] 125-185  [159] 135-200  [162] 150-200+

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years against defects