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Royal Snowboard - Women's 2019

Regular Price: $349.99

FROM: $244.99

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Regular Price: $349.99

FROM: $244.99

You save: $105.00 (30%)
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When the sun’s out and the snow is good, cruising vibes run high. With the Rome Royal underfoot, the effortless flow from turn to turn is even better. Contact Rocker camber is a super versatile camber profile for progressing your snowboarding because it gives strong control between the feet and an added mellow feel in the tip and tail. They arm their flat-rocker board with the HotRod technology to give your board enough response to progress with you along the way.

  • TTT Core Matrix: 100% wood is better for giving the flex and pop that all snowboards need—even the less expensive ones.
  • StraightBiax Laminate - For boards where the focus is on fun and a more mellow feel, pure 90 degree fibers drive the personality.
  • HotRods: Glass Single Barrel: The configuration inlays a rod in the centerline of the board emanating from the binding towards the tip. This is great for freestyle boards that want more ollie and jump pop, without increasing the torsional stiffness of the board. Focused for a freestyle approach.
  • QuickRip Technology: Rome created QuickRip Sidecut to add power and precision to the inherently looser feel that their rocker boards have. They integrate two off-set sidecuts that create one sidecut zone in the nose, one between the feet, and one in the tail. Instead of blending the sidecuts smoothly, they create “bumps” that are called Mid-Board Contact Points at the places near your bindings where the radii meet.
  • XTRD Base: A strong foundation of extruded base material that is plenty fast and super easy to repair.
  • True Twin: The True Twin shapes are perfectly symmetrical. Stances are centered and the nose is identical to the tail. If you want to mount your bindings “backwards”, the board will ride exactly the same. The best boards in the line for riding switch, the True Twins define the the personality of their park boards and their all-mountain freestyle boards.
  • Contact Rocker: This profile starts with a flat camber in the mid section of the board, and then adds rocker in front of each binding through the nose and tail. Looser and more playful than the straight Contact Camber, the rocker version is perfect for riders who want a park destroyer or an all-mountain weapon that flows smooth turns and floats effortlessly in powder.


Profile: Contact Rocker

Shape: True Twin

Effective Edge(mm): [141] 1070  [144] 1100  [147] 1130  [150] 1160

Waist Width(mm): [141] 242  [144] 244  [147] 246  [150] 248

Sidecut Radius(m): [141] 6.58  [144] 6.80  [147] 7.03  [150] 7.25

Stance Width: [141-144] 17.5"-22.25"  [147-150] 18.5"-23.25"

Stance Setback: 2cm

Mount: 2 x 4

Core: Wood

Base: XTRD Base

Recommended Rider Weight(lbs): [141] 70-115  [144] 80-130  [147] 90-150  [150] 90-150+

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years against defects