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Gunflint Carbon Backed Canoe Paddle

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Gunflint Carbon Backed Canoe Paddle is available for purchase in increments of 1

Backing the blade of Sanborn's popular Gunflint paddle with carbon fiber allows them to shave a bunch of weight. Guaranteed weights listed below.

Inspired by the centuries old Gunflint Trail, right there in canoe country, their Gunflint model hearkens to days of yore. When cartographers still doodled sea monsters in the margins of their work and hard labor meant there would be food on the table. They believe there is still plenty of roll-up-your-sleeves work to be done. Their Gunflint model certainly is a workhorse. With a wide blade and fourteen degree bend it is built to move a lot of water. So, if you seek to ply the water on those days when the wind seems to thwart you with every stroke, this is the paddle for you.

14 Degree Bent Shaft
Guaranteed Weights:
48": < 14.5oz.
50": < 15oz.
52": < 15.5oz.
54": <16oz.
Blade Dimensions: 8.5" x 18"
Wood Type: Western Red Cedar & Aspen

  • Blade is Fiberglassed on one side and Carbon Fiber backed
  • Shaft and blade are epoxied and varnished
  • Grip is bare

Paddle Durability: Wilderness Class I

Wilderness Class I - The defining feature of this class is that all the paddles are extremely lightweight. Every paddle in this class is made entirely of Western Red Cedar. Each blade is fiber-glassed and attached with an epoxy blade tip to ward off inadvertent rock swipes. While these are cream-of-the-crop in the weight department, they are mid-level wilderness paddles as far as durability goes. While hearty enough for any wilderness trip, some care while prying/twisting on rocks is recommended. And cedar is a soft wood so keep rubbing along the gunwales to a minimum. The moral of the story is this - lightweight and quite durable, but some care while paddling is required.