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Stinger Unicore Dry Cover 9.4mm Rope

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Stinger Unicore Dry Cover 9.4mm Rope is available for purchase in increments of 1

Designed for high-level climbers, this is the single rope preferred for very hard routes. STRONG POINTS: • An incredible number of falls for its weight and so smooth running that it results in an appreciable increase in energy when clipping. USES: High grade climbers.

  • Weight: 57 g/m
  • Impact force: 7.5kN
  • UIAA falls: 9
  • Black Limit middle mark
  • CE and UIAA Certified - Single Rope

UNICORE - In non-UNICORE ropes, the sheath and the core, even though they are tightly woven together, are independent from one another, which leads to sheath slippage and effectively reducing the longevity and overall safe use of the rope. UNICORE ropes bond the core and sheath - i.e., UNICORE. This eliminates sheath slippage, prevents the rope from fraying if it is cut or torn and thus allows it to still pass through belay devices and carabiners etc., whilst also reducing water shrinkage by more than 50%.

DRY COVER - Comes as standard on all of Beal’s dynamic ropes. A treatment on the rope’s sheath that protects it from moisture and increases its abrasion-resistance, helping the rope stay dry and overall lengthening its lifespan.