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Rival Creeker Kayak

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Regular Price: $1,150.00

FROM: $899.00

You save: $251.00 (22%)
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After years of planning the Rival is finally here, the newest creeker to hit the Titan line up. Fast, responsive, forgiving, everything you need in a creeker and more.

The Rival comes in at 8’ 10.5” just under the 9ft race limit. It utilizes a semi-flat mid-section hull that rounds out towards the nose and tail. A bunch of friendly rocker keeping the nose high and out of the water while also making boofs effortless. The combination of many smaller rails placed in just the right spots on the Rival gives the boat an amazingly responsive feeling while looking as if it’s carving its way down the rapids, all while still maintaining the forgiving feeling you’d expect from a rounded hull.

  • Mid Section Secondary rails
  • Nose Secondary rail
  • Tail Secondary rail
  • Plenty of nose rocker
  • Drain plug
  • Reactor Outfitting
  • Hip-Flex Hip pads
  • Molded in Hooked Thigh Braces
  • Expanding bulk head
  • 5 x safety clip-in points
  • Reactor Outfitting:
    • The Reactor Seat - The super strong rotomolded Reactor seat directs the paddlers movements specifically into the hull and rails where you need it most.
    • Adjustable Seat Pad - New in 2018, the one-piece adjustable seat pad lets you easily adjust your hip pads and increase your seat height for that perfect fit and paddle-all-day comfort.
    • Hip Flex System - 3-Way ratchet, hip pad, backband system. Hip pads are mounted on flexible flaps which adjust inwards as the backband is tightened. This helps to hold the paddler in place via three adjustable contact points.
    • Built In Hooked Thigh Braces - The new thigh braces have been integrated into a new reinforced cockpit system which not only makes the whole top deck stiffer and stronger but also eliminates any drilled holes around the cockpit, keeping you and your kayak dryer for longer.
    • Expandable Bulk Head - Adjusting to your size the expanding bulk head can be widened for optimal comfort, support and safety.


Hull Material: Super Linear High Density Polyethylene
Length: 8' 10.5" (270cm)
Width: 26.4" (67cm)
Cockpit Dimensions: 35.5" x 20" (90.5 x 51cm)
Volume: 85 Gal (320 LT)
Maximum Load: 130 - 240 lbs (60 - 110 kg)
Claimed Weight: 48.5 lbs (22 kg)
Recommended Use: Creeker
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year