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Desperado CF 1-PC Paddle

Made in USA

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Desperado CF 1-PC Paddle is available for purchase in increments of 1

The Desperado offers unrivaled paddle performance at a price that should be outlawed! With mid-size blades utilizing Werner's premium river running blade design the Desperado is well balanced, easy to use, and affordable.


  • Standard Performance gives you Werner's heritage for a better paddling paddle at introductory prices.
  • Mid-sized river running blades give just the right amount of power without fatiguing the paddler. Designed for more efficient forward paddling.
  • The same Bomber shaft Werner uses on their top of the line paddles. Available in straight shaft only
  • Better for the environment! Carbon Fiber reinforced injection molded blades are made with recycled material.
  • Feather Angle: 1-piece options- unfeathered
  • Werner Premium Performance
  • River Running design has a more pronounced tip and more surface area above the center of the blade
  • Shaft Type:   Straight
  • Shaft Material:   Fiberglass
  • Shaft Diameter:   Standard
  • Blade Shape:   Dihedral, Asymmetrical, River Running
  • Blade Material:   Fiberglass with Carbon Reinforcement
  • Blade Size:   41 cm × 19.5 cm
  • Blade Surface Area:   655 cm²
  • Approximate Weight:   35.75 oz (1014 grams)
  • Warranty:   1 Year Limited