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Odachi 1-Piece Bent Whitewater Race Paddle


Odachi 1-Piece Bent Whitewater Race Paddle

Made in USA

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Odachi 1-Piece Bent Whitewater Race Paddle is available for purchase in increments of 1

Designed from the ground up specific for down river and creek race, in collaboration between Werner engineers and some of the best racers in the world. As race courses are more commonly set on harder and harder runs, Werner wants to assure that going fast doesn’t have to mean worrying about your paddle. The Odachi brings Werner's Bomber reputation to the race paddler.


  • With an increased blade to shaft offset, this blade forward design gives a more powerful catch and more verticality through the power phase.
  • Greater dihedral to stabilize powerful forward strokes through turbulent conditions.
  • Long blade length (49cm) provides greater leverage.
  • Race inspired blade tip. Symmetrical shape for more surface area, for more efficiency when matching a more vertical race stroke. Subtle scoop for more purchase.
  • Optimized materials and manufacturing techniques to obtain lower weight, remain strong and provide a comfortable flex. Less fatigue on your body overall, for the longer races.
  • Because you still hit rocks when you go fast, Dynel® edging is highly abrasion and impact resistant. Protecting the fine-tuned carbon blades from the elements.
  • NOTE. Design features that make this paddle fast, also make for a unique feel in your hands. Bracing and rolling are different. With Werner's proven River Running line up to round out your quiver, they did not intend the Odachi to be an all around paddle.
  • Although Werner's Ultimate performance paddles are far and away their best paddling, their unique design characteristics and materials do not make them Werner's most impact resistant. Look to Werner's Premium paddles for the highest impact resistance.
  • Feather Angle: 1-piece options- unfeathered


  • Shaft Type: Bent
  • Shaft Size: Standard Diameter
  • Blade Shape: Dihedral
  • Blade Material: Carbon, Dynel Reinforced Edges
  • Approximate Weight: 35.5 oz
  • Length Range: 190 cm - 203 cm
  • Feather Angle: Fixed
  • Blade Surface Area: 735 cm²
  • Blade Length × Width: 49 cm × 20.5 cm