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Cruiser Kayak Sail

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WindPaddle Sails largest sail, the WindPaddle Cruiser designed to power heavy canoes and tandems. The Cruiser also is a great choice for stable SOT kayaks and those who only choose to go out in the lightest of winds.

  • All WindPaddle sails launch and fly from the on-deck or in-boat position. They can be set-up for instant self-launching either before sailing or while out on the water, so there's no need to return to shore to launch sail!
  • Target boat: Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatables, Tandems and Expedition boats 14' - 18'
  • Target wind range: 5 - 30 knots (2-7 BFT)
  • Target paddler: intermediate to expert
  • Off-wind sailing angle: +180 degrees
  • Deployed sail diameter: 52" (132.08 cm)
  • Coiled/folded diameter: 19" (48.26 cm)
  • Sail area: 17.1 sq. ft. (1.589 m²)
  • Weight: 20 oz (0.56699 kg)