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Motion Xcruise 55 Grip with SNS Auto Bindings


Motion Xcruise 55 Grip with SNS Auto Bindings

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Touring is about getting outside, exercising, and enjoying the fresh air. The Motion Series by Atomic is designed for doing just that! It features grip technology that cuts prep time by eliminating the need for climbing wax. Premounted with SNS Auto bindings so you won't need to wait to get them mounted up. 

The Motion XCruise 55 Grip is preferred by people who like how shorter, wider skis handle off the trail. This ski is a no-brainer.


  • 163 cm:  121-154 lbs
  • 173 cm:  132-165 lbs
  • 183 cm:  154-209 lbs
  • 193 cm:  165-220+ lbs


Dimensions: 55/49/52

Construction: Densolite

Core: Densolite

Base: bi 1500

Grip: g2 syncro- Xcruise profile