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2016 ON3P Jessie Review

2016 ON3P Jessie Review

2016 ON3P Jessie Review

New for 2016 from Portland, Oregon's ON3P is their first ever women's dedicated line: the Jessie. The ON3P crew are great friends of Next Adventure; they have been hand building skis (as a company) for five seasons now, and their largest priority is building the best skis possible. They are a small group of dedicated skiers who live their product, and after riding all of their skis, Next Adventure stands behind their products as well.

Their newest addition is their Jessie line which includes the Jessie 86, Jessie 100, and Jessie 112. The difference in construction for the Jessie line compared to the rest on ON3P's line is a tighter turn radius and a lighter composite layer in the core of the skis allowing for easier turn initiation with less body mass.

ON3P Jessie
The Jessie 86, Jessie 100, & Jessie 112.

The Jessie 86 is a symmetrical park ski with camber underfoot and rocker in the tip and tail making it playful yet stable. The ski is more jib/park focused due to the symmetrical shape, but the sidecut allows for a wide variety of turns. The 86 has a medium flex pattern which allows it to be playful and buttery while still providing enough dampness for bigger landings at higher speeds. The Jessie 86 is based on the Filthy Rich ski from their men's line.

The Jessie 100 is more of an all mountain ski compared to the 86, but it has the same rocker/camber profile as the Jessie 86 with camber underfoot and rocker in the tip and tails. The Jessie 100 is 100 mm underfoot and provide a do-it-all approach with the added stability. The Jessie 100 is the perfect ski for the woman who demands a ski that can go anywhere from tight trees to the big jump line in the park.

Finally, the Jessie 112 is the powder charger of the group. The 112 is flatter underfoot (still cambered) compared to the 86 and 100 and has a softer flex pattern. The Jessie 112 is a forgiving, stable, fun powder ski that can still be taken all over the mountain thanks to the camber and effective edge on hardpack. The Jessie 112 doesn't forget that women love being in the whiteroom too, so if you're looking for a playful powder ski, look no further.

Be sure to check out the 2016 ON3P Jessie line this fall at Next Adventure. ON3P production manager Trevor Leaf walks us through the entire Jessie lineup at SIA in the video below.




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