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Bike & Brew PDX 2

Bike & Brew PDX 2

Bike & Brew PDX 2

Mt. Tabor is another of Portland's urban volcano parks.  From its broad, woodsy summit, views stretch east to Mt. Hood, north to Mt. St. Helens, and west to the hills above downtown, snugged up against the Willamette River.

Taking advantage of Portland's temperate climate on a sunny January day, we set out on our bikes for an southeast-side tour.


We summited a hill just north of Mt. Tabor, and found a few new mountain viewpoints.  Then we checked out some pedestrian/bike paths and stairs approaching Mt. Tabor itself.

Being a Wednesday, the road to the top of Mt. Tabor was closed to motorized traffic.  A few longboarders zoomed down the road past us as we made our way to the top.


We sat and soaked up the sunshine on Mt. Tabor's summit.  Many mountain views had been seen on the way up, so we gazed at the city glittering to the west, the sun warm on our faces.

Coasting downhill, we veered northeast to Roscoe's on Stark.  We selected beers from an amazing list of Northwest breweries (Boneyard's Triple-IPA my fave), and enjoyed hearty portions of their Louisiana-inspired menu: oysters, catfish, and a delicious-but-true-to-its-name "sloppy fries" (gravy, roast beef and horseradish mayo - finger-lickin' yum).


Just one more way to enjoy Portland's cycle-ways, parks and pubs.

Total Trip: 10 miles, 500 feet elevation gain, 3.5 hours
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