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Event Report: Whistler's Bend Doubles Shootout

Event Report: Whistler's Bend Doubles Shootout

Event Report: Whistler's Bend Doubles Shootout

Event Details
Event name: Whistler's Bend Doubles Shootout
Event Location: Glide, OR
Event Type: Disc Golf Doubles Tournament
Event Date: 2014-06-28

The Full Report
The beauty and serenity of Whistler's Bend combines with 30 holes of justice to test your skills and possibly your relationship with your doubles partner.

The Doubles Shootout is a rollercoaster of high highs and low lows. This tournament stepped up the test this year by turning an already challenging 18-hole course into 30 holes of varying length, terrain, and difficulty. 600+ ft long hole with 100 ft elevation change hole? Check. 150 ft hole with a 50 foot cliff behind the basket? Check.

The format of the tourney is also a challenging treat. This tournament is different from many with it being a 3 day tournament instead of the standard two days. Each day you play one round which gives you lots of camping and recovery time. Day one is a best shot format where you and your partner both throw a disc and you get to play your next shot from your choice of disc lie. Day two can get rough playing a round of tough shot. Each partner throws and then your opposing team gets to pick the toughest lie and you have to both throw from there. Get yourself stuck far in the trees and it could really mess up your scores. Pack your lunch on the second day because it is a LONG round. The third day goes back to best shot. You get to make up for all the garbage you threw the day before, the round plays super fast and you once again love the one you're with.

PS- you'll have to wait until the fall to play this gem if you aren't signed up for a tournament. The course is closed while they install new yurts and campsites but rumor has it that the course will be bigger and better than ever!

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