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Flight Crew Gallops Through The DGOD Derby

Flight Crew Gallops Through The DGOD Derby

Flight Crew Gallops Through The DGOD Derby

If you have lived in the area for any length of time you probably know of Portland Meadows race track in the Delta Park area.  How could you miss that huge green building?  I have lived here all my life, and I never knew there was a ball golf course in the infield of the track.  Well on October 4th there was a new kind of golfer playing the course.  For the first time ever a temporary 18 hole disc golf course was set up on the existing ball golf course.  The course was laid out using the existing sand traps and hazards of the ball course.   There were also some unique holes that incorporated structures outside of the ball course like tee #1 three flights up on the outside staircase of the main building.  This was a fun hole that shot over the track, and onto an island green in the infield.  It was short, but because of the elevation, and the out of bounds lines surrounding the basket it was challenging. 

Waiting for our turn to use the course

Getting our hole assignments


When we arrived at the course Sunday morning we had to wait a bit because the race horses were on the track working out, and for some reason they did not want disc golfers throwing their discs around while the horses were on the track.  Go figure?  When the horses were finally put away in their stables we were sent out to our starting holes.  The course played pretty fast, and we were finished with the first round and eating a delicious lunch that was provided as part of our registration.  We enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, homemade coleslaw, homemade carrot soup, and woopie pies.  Yum!

Short stalls & short sinks for the Jockey's
Women's Open group
Nice putt
The second round started with my Flight Crew teammate Emma Rose in the lead on the pro ladies card by 3 strokes over Connie with me 7 strokes out of 2nd, and Brea was only 2 strokes behind me.  The wind picked up a bit in the 2nd round as well as the rain.  One of the most memorable moments of the 2nd round was watching one of the guys putt from atop one of the out buildings on the course.  We heard TD Sam say “ play it where it lies”, and then proceed to give the player a boost up onto the building where his disc had landed.  I did not see if he made that putt or not, but it was pretty funny.  I managed to make up the 7 strokes I needed to take over 2nd with one hole to go.  Connie held strong and pared the hole with me faltering a bit and carding a double bogey, which put me back to 3rd.  Of course Emma played a strong 2nd round to hold onto 1st!


"Play it where it lies"

While the final scores were being tallied up there was a long distance drive contest that was won by Stumptown’s Jeff Hagerty.  Then an awesome raffle with lots of great prizes donated by DGOD, Next Adventure,  and scores of other awesome sponsors. 

Awesome rafle prizes!

The final results were:
Leland O'Driscoll – Open Men’s Champion
Emma Hanely – Open Women’s Champion
Tim Stone – Open Masters Champion
Nick Johnson – Advanced Men’s Champion
David Argo Jackson – Intermediate Men’s Champion
Erin Reichel – Intermediate Women’s Champion


Props to tournament directors Dan Brown & Sam Gibson for putting on this awesome DGOD (Disc Golf Or Die) event.  In addition to being a fun well run tournament it also raised money for a local charity The Neighborhood House, which provides support to our neighbors in need in the greater Portland area.  Also huge thanks to all the sponsors Next Adventure, huk lab, Portland Meadows, Stumptown Disc Golf, and FireFly Disc Golf Promotions!  As well as all the volunteers who helped out especially Vince who was spotting on the swap hole, and found my purple Yeti putter that I had thrown into the swamp grass.  I can’t wait for next year guys!!

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