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Gear Review: Amundson TR Stand Up Paddleboard

Gear Review: Amundson TR Stand Up Paddleboard

Gear Review: Amundson TR Stand Up Paddleboard

--Product Information--
Product Name: 11'6'' TR
Product Brand: Amundson SUP
Best Use: Touring/Race
Sizes Available / Specs: 11’6” x 29” x 5.7” 350.5cm x 74cm x 14.5cm 203 liters, 28.5 lbs. (12.95 kg) 160 lbs. novice, 190 lbs. advanced.  Also comes in a 12'6".

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Smith and Bybee Lakes
Duration: 5 hours

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review:

Loading and transporting the SUPs was super easy due to their light weight and durability (for a glass board). I felt super comfortable moving them around. Once on the water these boards performed amazingly. For a touring/race style board, they were super stable while still giving you that added speed you get with a displacement hull.

The foam on the deck only covers about three fourths of the board making it harder to do any type of deck exercises. Also, there are only four deck riggings on this board which is great for day touring, but may present a problem if you ever want to carry more gear on your SUP. Over all this was a great board to paddle. Smith and Bybee lakes is a great place to paddle and observe the local wildlife and just get outside.

"The Good" List: Light, durable, fast, and stable.

"The Not so Good List": Only four deck riggings. Deck foam doesn't cover board.

The Bottom Line: Great board for paddlers looking to progress in there paddling skills.

Amundspn TR SUP
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