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Gear Review: Aquaglide Vector

Gear Review: Aquaglide Vector

Gear Review: Aquaglide Vector

--Product Information--
Product Name: Vector Paddle
Brand: Aquaglide
Best Use: Flatwater or Whitewater
Sizes Available / Specs: Comes in adjustable or you can order a one piece and get it cut to your size.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Clackamas
Duration: 1 day

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review: I have played with this paddle in the past while doing our basic SUP class and I thought it was great. The blades felt very powerful with little to no flex and the shaft was comfortable and provided lots of power. Being able to adjust the length for flat water to whitewater is a great feature. It allows you to use the longer, more comfortable stance in the flatwater then adjust to the shorter, more aggressive stance for the whitewater. All of Aquaglide's products seem top quality and I'm looking forward to using this reliable piece of gear again while teaching or out on my own!

The Good List: Powerful, strong, & light.

The Not so Good List: I've had some problems with the grips in the past, and a bigger blade would be great for whitewater.

The Bottom Line: Great paddle for the price. Overall great quality and I stand behind their brand.

Aquaglide Vector
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