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Gear Review: Bic Ace-Tec 9'6" Stand Up Paddleboard

Gear Review: Bic Ace-Tec 9'6" Stand Up Paddleboard

Gear Review: Bic Ace-Tec 9'6" Stand Up Paddleboard

--Product Information--Bic Ace-Tec SUP
Product Name: Bic Ace-Tec 9'6"
Product Brand: Bic
Best Use: Stand Up paddle Boarding and surfing. 
Sizes Available / Specs: 9'6", 10'6", 11'6", 12'6"

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Indian Beach Ecola State Park
Duration: 4 hours

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 7

Full Review: I took the Bic Ace-Tec 9'6" out to the coast this week for a quick rip. I'd never stand up paddle surfed before but have been surfing on the Oregon coast for a number of years. I figured why not and saddled up with the SUP.

First of all, I may have chosen a bit short of a board for a first rip. While I did catch a few waves on it I definitely needed to spend a few more days figuring out the balance on such a relatively "short" board. My personal surfboard is 7'6" and I don't just stand around on it. The Ace-Tec was tricky to get situated on at first but I eventually figured it out.

The board is fast, buoyant and pretty comfortable to sit in the line up on. While everyone else is lounging half in the water I struck quite the relaxed pose on my floating platform. The major game changer with the board is the addition of the paddle.

The paddle gives you the ability to enter waves early and with more control as well as generally increasing power. It allows you to get out into the set easier as well (see more power). After eating it a number of times I switched over to standard surf mode and left the paddle on shore. The board surfs like a super buoyant longboard and I caught many more waves in the method I was used to. I'll keep practicing the SUP surf as it was super fun but I will probably bring a 10'6" as well so I can hone my skill before shortening my board.

"The Good" List: Surfs well and very buoyant.

"The Not so Good List": Took a little getting used to the narrowness and shortness given my height and weight.

The Bottom Line: A good time but I may upgrade to a larger length and width till I get the hang of it.


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