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Gear Review: Big Agnes Spike Lake 14

Gear Review: Big Agnes Spike Lake 14

Gear Review: Big Agnes Spike Lake 14

--Test Information--

Duration: 3 days

--Product Information--

Product Name:

Spike Lake 14
Product Brand: Big Agnes
Best Use: Sleeping in peace and comfort
Sizes Available / Specs:

Regular/Up to 6':
600 Fill
21.5oz Fill Weight
2lbs.7oz Bag Weight
60" Shoulder Girth
54" Hip Girth
36" Foot Girth
8.5x8.5 Compressed Bag Size

Long/Up to 6'6":
600 Fill
22.5oz Fill Weight
2lbs.10oz Bag Weight
62" Shoulder Girth
56" Hip Girth
38" Foot Girth
9"x10" Compressed Bag Size


Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review:
So there I was, embarking on a 3 day long kayak trip where I would test out my brand new Big Agnes Spike Lake 14 Sleeping Bag with "DOWNTEK" technology for the first time. Long story short, my tent ended up taking on a good amount of water the last night of the trip and a full on puddle collected around myself and my sleeping bag. I’m not going to lie, for the price of sleeping bag, I was a little skeptical at how "waterproof" Big Agnes's DOWNTEK technology was. However, after that fateful rainy night and sleeping in a puddle of water for hours, I am a true believer in all the hype! Not only did I remain dry, but I was still warm and comfortable despite lying in about 1 inch of water! The Big Agnes Spike Lake 14 is the BEE'S KNEES! And for the price, YOU CANNOT BEAT IT! Pick up your own Spike Lake today!

-- Summary Points—

"The Good:” Cost-Effective, Lightweight, Durable, Cool Colors, Extremely Comfortable, Tested Tough, Outdoor Approved!

"The Not so Good:" Making your friends jealous.

The Bottom Line: If you are a budget-minded dirtbag looking for a high quality sleeping bag, the Big Agnes Spike Lake 14 is worth your while!

Big Agnes Spike Lake 14 Sleeping Bag

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