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Gear Review: BOTE Traveler 12.5' SUP

Gear Review: BOTE Traveler 12.5' SUP

Gear Review: BOTE Traveler 12.5' SUP

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8

Location of Test: Willamette River
Duration: 14 miles

Product Name: Traveller 12.5' SUP
Product Brand: BOTE
Best Use: Longer day trips and over night trips
Sizes Available/ Specs: 12' 6'' x 28" x 6", 34 lbs, max weight 375 lbs

The Full Review

I took the BOTE Traveller stand up paddleboard on a 14 mile trip up the Willamette River. It responded well, it likes a faster current. It was smooth and fast with good edge control. The sport would be great for anyone who's looking for adventure are wanting to do a little more distance and carry more gear.

The Good:

Lots of room for storage. The great handle for carrying in contact points for shoulder strap. Cuts through the water really well when weighed down.

The Bad:

A little heavy to carry, the paint scratches easy.

The Bottom Line:

An awesome board for adventure.

BOTE Traveler 12.5' SUP

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