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Gear Review: Five Ten Men's Stonelands Slipper

Gear Review: Five Ten Men's Stonelands Slipper

Gear Review: Five Ten Men's Stonelands Slipper

Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: Indoors, Smith, Pinnacles, City of Rocks, Broughton

Duration: 3 years

Product Name: Stoneland Slipper

Product Brand: Five Ten

Best Use: Bouldering, Lead, TR on slab or vertical

Sizes Available/ Specs: Synthetic lining, split-grain leather, double heel loops

Five Ten Stonelands Slippers

The Full Review:

"It’s been nearly three years since I’ve phased out of climbing competitively indoors, yet the 5.10 Stoneland Slipper has stayed with me from when I was climbing competitively until now. It’s done so because it is a great shoe. Well made, comfortable, slightly downturned, and maneuverable—this shoe is an all around favorite. I originally bought as a backup shoe to use while training in the gym and avoid blowing out my nicer pair of shoes. The toe on that nicer pair blew out a year ago, but my Stonelands have remained solid until just recently.

Many climbers shy away from slippers. You can’t heal hook in them very well, you have to by them tight because they stretch more than lace or Velcro shoes, and they’re harder to get one. While it’s true heel hooking can be difficult, I’ve really enjoyed my experience with this shoe. Despite these trivial issues, there’s a great advantage to slippers: they fit extraordinarily well. This is one of those shoes that you can put on and climbs for an hour without taking it off, but despite being comfortable, you still retain a pretty high level of control and finesse in the toe. The wide toe box both fits my feet well, and makes it an excellent smearing shoe.

Durability-wise, it took nearly three years of weekly indoor climbing to put a small hole in one of the toes of this shoe—and that wasn’t due to good footwork, I’m sure. The fact is, this shoe is well made, and designed to perform well all around—whether you’re at the gym, Smith, Pinnacles, or City of Rocks, this shoe is a joy to wear."

The Good: Comfortable, easy to smear, great for utilizing small edges

The Bad: Not very downturned

The Bottom Line: This is a superb all-around shoe that doesn't compromise comfort for technical advancements, and utilizes both good materials and a strong design to create a great shoe.

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