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Gear Review: Five Ten Water Tennie

Gear Review: Five Ten Water Tennie

Gear Review: Five Ten Water Tennie

--Product Information--
Product Name: Water Tennie
Product Brand: Five Ten
Best Use: Intensive whitewater/watersports where individuals need high support and performance from their footwear.
Sizes Available / Specs: size 8-13

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Various creeks in the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood National Forest. 
Duration: 3 weeks.

Value Rating:
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8

Five-Ten Water TennieFive-Ten Water Tennie

Full Review:
I purchased the Water Tennie to replace my sadly lost Gorge Booties. I have been thoroughly impressed with the Water Tennie since my first hike with them on my feet. They wear like a comfy, lightweight hiking boot, but don't let that comparison put you off. They are flexible where it counts and fit nicely into a creek boat or river runner. The design of the Water Tennie allows you to take on more difficult hikes without fear of slipping or a twisting an ankle. A fully laced upper gives added ankle support while the Five Ten stealth rubber sticks to even the slickest rocks in the Columbia Gorge. You can even rock climb in them (to some degree) thanks to inclusion of a fully rubberized toe box. Whether you're just hiking down the put in trail at BZ, or schlepping your yak down to Truss/Orletta, you will be grateful for the traction, support, and comfort the Water Tennie provides.

For a lot of boaters the price point is off putting. Suck it up. This is a product that delivers. There is nothing worse than slipping on rocks during a scouting mission or rescue situation. These boots help eliminate such occurrences (with the exception of user error). Don't let footwear be the weak link in your whitewater gear.

You'll want to account for sock/dry gear in your sizing of the Tennie. A tighter snugger fit leads to better comfort and performance in the long run.

"The Good" List: Full toe cap, sticky rubber, and ankle support.

"The Not so Good List": High price point.

The Bottom Line: These are basically poo kickers for whitewater and you'll look good wearing them (if people could see your feet).

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