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Gear Review: Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

Gear Review: Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

Gear Review: Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

--Product Information--
Product Name: E-z Out
Product Brand: Gerber
Best Use: Spreading peanut butter cutting tape and rescue line.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Paddle Sports Center, Lakes and rivers, toast.
Duration: 4 months

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 7

Full Review:
The Gerber EZ-out is an all-around useful tool. The belt clip makes it useful as a shop knife that hides in my pocket all day waiting to open your new boats and products. The locking serrated blade makes short work of everything from tough packaging plastic to dyeenma rescue chord. As with any river knife it also is a stellar peanut butter spreader. While on the river I attach a small bit of parachord to the built in eyelet. This allows me to keep it tethered in my vest for those must make moves like spreading the jam and jelly. The knife tip is a useful size flat head screwdriver which makes tightening those nuts and bolts that loosen after a few fun jostling run down the rio.

"The Good" List: Serrated blade cuts through pretty much everything blade can be stowed = awesome.

"The Not so Good List": Needs to be tied into PFD defeating the whitewater maxim of 'drop the knife.'

The Bottom Line: Love it, wouldn't leave it.

Gerber EZ-Out Knife
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