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Gear Review: Hydrus Board Tech King Dub 2.0

Gear Review: Hydrus Board Tech King Dub 2.0

Gear Review: Hydrus Board Tech King Dub 2.0

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Willamette River
Duration: Demo

Product Name: King Dub 2.0
Product Brand: Hydrus Board Tech
Best Use: Down River SUP
Size Available: 9'8"x 34" 305L

The Full Review

The King Dub is an epic answer to a long developing question: how to make a rigid SUP durable enough to withstand the rigorous beatings associated with whitewater paddling. I didn't get to take this down a rapid, but by extrapolating I can tell that this board would be loose enough to maneuver quickly but track well enough to be able to build some speed up and keep a line when necessary.

The Good:

The fin is recessed so it doesn't actually protrude beyond the bottom of the board - there is a deep cut out leading up to the fin, so even without the fin in place the shape of the board provides a bit of tracking aid. It is also COATED IN A BULLETPROOF MATERIAL called armalite: at a quarter inch thick it is bullet proof to a .22.

The Bad: 

It's a little heavier than your average board that size, but then again, the playing field these boards are intended for is not gentle.

The Bottom Line:

Great board, revolutionary shape, made in AMERICA by guys that actually get out there.

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