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Gear Review: Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit

Gear Review: Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit

Gear Review: Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit

--Product Information--Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit
Product Name: Arch Rival
Product Brand: Immersion Research
Best Use: Stomping stouts
Sizes Available / Specs: S-XXL

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Arch Cape, Oregon & Green Truss
Duration: 2 days

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 6
Overall Rating: 7

Full Review: Immersion Research has a lot of great products and I think their dry suits have come a long way. This suit is a great step up from the Immersion Research DD. The Arch Rival's material feels very thick when you first pick it up, but after putting it on you can tell in areas where you need more flexibility there is less material.

The dry suit has a great fit, it seemed very durable, and the material breathed really well when I was working hard coming in and out of the surf zone. All of the zippers on the dry suit have a nice seal to them the; nylon zips also do much better in the salt water compared to the metal ones.

Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit

One thing I normally would not like on an expensive dry suit is therubber socks. The fact that rocks get in my shoes every time I hike or step knee deep in mud would scare me that I would destroy the socks very quickly. To my surprise, the rubber socks fit much better than cloth socks. You can also order cloth socks from Immersion Research and have them put them on your dry suit.

Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit

A huge selling point for me was the lifetime warranty that comes with the suit. Overall, if you do not have $1,200 to go gortex, the Immersion Research is a great alternative. Immersion Research just has great products and customer service.

"The Good" List: The suit's fit is great also felt very durable. The lifetime warranty is very nice.

"The Not so Good List": Rubber socks are a joke.  They do feel great, but having to 303 them every month and being terrified of destroying them anytime I have to hike into a creek or waterfall is a deal breaker.

The Bottom Line: Great suit if you are not wanting to spend $1200. You'll be very warm in this drysuit.


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