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Gear Review: Immersion Research Royale

Gear Review: Immersion Research Royale

Gear Review: Immersion Research Royale

--Product Information--Immersion Research Royale Spray Skirt
Product Name: Royale
Product Brand: Immersion Research
Best Use: Kayaking
Sizes Available / Specs: All sizes for all boats.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: United States
Duration: 6 months/ongoing

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review:
The Immersion Research "ROYALE" is everything that a kayaker could want in a skirt. It's a rand skirt so it's almost impossible to implode. The materials used are of the highest quality including kevlar built into the "high-wear" areas. They have added an extra "fin" to the outside of the skirt that hugs the rim of your cockpit which prevents water from seeping in.

I originally had the "LUCKY CHARM" skirt from Immersion Research which is essentially the same skirt as the Royale except it does not have that extra "fin" that the Royale has and let me tell you...it makes a world of difference! My boat is 200 times drier than it was before Immersion Research Royale when I was using the Lucky Charm. I have taken some big hits while wearing this skirt and I'm never worried about it imploding or failing on me. Buy this skirt and you will never want to buy a different one ever again! BOOOOOOM!

"The Good" List: This is the most comfortable, durable, dry, good looking skirt ever made.

"The Not so Good List": Your friends will be extremely jealous and whitewater will be angry that it cannot implode your skirt.

The Bottom Line: This is the best darn skirt on the market. BOOM!

For ordering information, please contact the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center.

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