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Gear Review: Kavu Swag Blanket

Gear Review: Kavu Swag Blanket

Gear Review: Kavu Swag Blanket

Kavu Swag Blanket



Product Name: Kavu Swag Blanket
Product Brand: Kavu
 Best Use: flat ground/ park
Sizes Available: 48" x 70"
Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9.5

The last few sunny days I have brought this blanket out to chill in the sun. At 48" x 70", It was the perfect size for me, a book and a beverage.  It is a great size to carry by bike or keep in the car. It has a rubber band attached to it on one of the ends so you always have a way to keep it rolled up nice.

It also served my friend and I well last summer at the soap box derby races on Mount Tabor. It didn't take up too much space yet we were able to enjoy breakfast and a good view of the cars coming down the hill. The durable polyester back comes in several colorful designs and the microfleece top is super soft.
In the end, it was easy to shake off, roll back up and bring home.   I highly recommend this blanket.


  • It fits on your bike rack.
  • It has a fixed rubber band on the end for containment anytime your ready.
  • It fits more than one person. Your clothes do not get dirty from sitting down in nature.


  • I didn't experience any.

The Bottom Line: This blanket is great for picnics, movies in the park, Mount Tabor adventures or just laying out in your front  yard. I love it! Get your's for only $31.99!

Kavu Swag blanket
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