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Gear Review: Leki Legacy Trekking Poles

Gear Review: Leki Legacy Trekking Poles

Gear Review: Leki Legacy Trekking Poles

Leki Legacy Trekking Poles


Having an upcoming trip to plan for has given me a great excuse to buy some new gear. On past backpacking trips, my husband Adam has denied needing trekking poles, but somehow always seems to end up borrowing one of mine. It might have something to do with the fact that I always offer them to him. So because we will be backpacking for 3 whole weeks this summer, I finally had the excuse I needed!

I got Adam the Leki Legacy trekking poles for a few reasons. First, I've always found Leki to be very high quality. Second, they utilize a speedlock mechanism, wherein you just flick it open, adjust the pull to the proper height, and then flick it closed to lock it again. Third, they also come with foam handles, which I find to be particularly comfortable, especially since they absorb sweat, rather than getting slippery like rubber handles. Finally, they're at a very reasonable price point of $99.99.

Since it was Adam's first pair of trekking poles, we went over proper adjustment and use (there are some definite advantages to being married to a gear nerd). Check out my blog entry on how to use your trekking poles for maximum efficiency.

After using them a few times, Adam has told me he likes them because they are very lightweight, easy to adjust, and he has noticed increased stability and steadiness of pace. I like them because he is no longer leaving me with one pole, which always makes me feel unbalanced.

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