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Gear Review: Liquid Logic Stomper

Gear Review: Liquid Logic Stomper

Gear Review: Liquid Logic Stomper

--Product Information--Liquid Logic Stomper
Product Name: Stomper
Product Brand: Liquid Logic
Best Use: Creeking
Sizes Available / Specs: STOMPER 80/90
LENGTH - 8'2" / 8'5"
WIDTH - 26" / 27"
VOLUME - 80 / 90 U.S. Gal
WEIGHT - 46 / 49 lbs
PADDLER - 110-210 / 170-270 lbs

--Test Information--
Location of Test: United States
Duration: 1 year

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review:
The Stomper 80 was the first real creek boat I ever purchased when I started to get into creek boating. I went with the stomper for its incredible stability and ability to boof over ANYTHING with extreme ease.

The very first day I went to take it on the water I accidentally dropped it off a 50ft. cliff and watched it do cartwheels over rocks. I thought that I had just ruined my brand new boat before I even got to sit in it. However, after retrieving the boat successfully, all it had was minor scratches and no major damage! I was thoroughly impressed with the durability of the plastic!

I've paddled the boat for about a year total and to this day it still is one of my favorite boats. The stomper 80 can feel a little small at times and the stomper 90 can feel rather large at times. The aggressive rocker on the boat makes it boof amazingly, but it does make it slower than most. Overall, the Stomper is a fantastic boat in the long line of amazing products Liquid Logic makes.

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