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Gear Review: Mountain House Rice and Chicken

Gear Review: Mountain House Rice and Chicken

Gear Review: Mountain House Rice and Chicken

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Camping
Duration: Three days

Product Name: Rice and Chicken
Product Brand: Mountain Hardwear
Best Use: Easy meal on the trail
Sizes Available/ Specs: 6.38 OZ / 181G

Mountain House Rice and Chicken

The Full Review

It's a simple meal made with simple ingredients. The rice cooked thoroughly without turning mushy with the given instructions on the back of the package. The meal has nice textures and flavor and the bits of pimientos (red peppers) were a nice surprise. I'm a big fan of crushed red pepper flakes so we added those and some black pepper and it turned out delicious. One package makes 2 servings. It's a no mess preparation- all you need is two cups of boiling water and a fork to stir it. We were happy and full campers after our rice and chicken. Try turning it into a burrito by throwing it into a tortilla with chopped up veggies. Highly recommended!

camp stove

The Good: 

- Fast, easy, convenient and delicious
- Good textures: tastes like real food
- No mess: eat directly from pouch
Hands down the best freeze dried food company I've tried. Major props to being a local Oregon company as well!

The Bad:

I wish there were more chicken bites and larger vegetables.

The Bottom Line:

Can you make this meal at home when you don't feel like cooking lunch? Absolutely! ;)

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