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Gear Review: NRS Baron 6 Stand Up Paddleboard

Gear Review: NRS Baron 6 Stand Up Paddleboard

Gear Review: NRS Baron 6 Stand Up Paddleboard

--Product Information-- NRS Baron 6 Inflatabe SUP
Product Name: Baron 6
Product Brand: NRS
Best Use: Whitewater Stand up paddle boarding

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Clackamas River
Duration: 2-3 Hrs

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review:

The Baron 6 is a fun board that allows novice to experienced whitewater stand up paddle boarders challenge rapids to their hearts content. The thickness and width of the board allows paddlers to navigate from a stable platform in a variety of topsy-turvy conditions. No matter what you paddle it into (waves, trains, moderate class III boulder gardens, and big water rapids), the Baron provides a fun and responsive experience. It comes standard with d rings for hooking gear or overnight bags if you are planning a multiday SUP trip or just bringing along a lunch.

"The Good" List: Stable Firm (when inflated correctly), forgiving, and easy to climb back on.

"The Not so Good List": Slow and less responsive on flat water

The Bottom Line: A great paddle board for whitewater and an excellent choice for the paddler looking to push themselves on the water.

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