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Gear Review: NRS Touring Paddle Bag

Gear Review: NRS Touring Paddle Bag

Gear Review: NRS Touring Paddle Bag

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: Beating it around in the truck, garage, shop, etc
Duration: 6 months

Product Name: Touring paddle bag
Product Brand: NRS
Best Use: Touring and recreational paddles
Sizes Available/ Specs: Touring and SUP/Whitewater sizes available.

Touring Paddle Bag


NRS Touring Paddle Bag



The Full Review

With my previous paddle bag having zipper failure after years of use it was time for a replacement, Upon receiving this bag I must say it is rather impressive and definitely at the top of its class among a sea of competitors. As with most NRS products we see the quality of build on this item is solid. Product is well thought out and is moderately With several months of hard abuse materials are showing almost no wear and all zippers are as good as day one.

The Good:

One of the nicest padding materials I have seen in a paddle bag. Soft and fairly thick comparatively. Bag easily fits 2 Bent Shaft paddles- something that I have struggled with in past bags. Not only do the paddles actually fit in the bag, there are 3 straps per paddle to hold them in place-certainly welcomed overkill! Internal and external pockets give somewhere to organized accessories like Wax, spare drip rings, or leashes.

The Bad:

Unfortunately the bag while designed for fairly long paddles is just a littler short for the Male end of some of the longer AT paddles due to their telescoping ferule. Really a non issue for most paddlers but Anglers should note to check their paddle length. The bright side is that with double zippers it is easy enough to close the bag around the exposed shaft which leaves most the paddle protected.

The Bottom Line:

Overall an amazing paddle bag and worth the price to protect the investment of your paddle- especially high end carbon and glass paddles, Price point is more than reasonable to justify how well it will keep your paddle looking in the long run while also keeping everything organized. A winner in my book.

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