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Gear Review: Perception Prodigy 12.0

Gear Review: Perception Prodigy 12.0

Gear Review: Perception Prodigy 12.0

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 7

Location of Test: Ross Island
Duration: 3 hours

Product Name: Prodigy 12.0
Product Brand: Perception
Best Use: Recreation
Sizes Available/ Specs: The Prodigy is available as the Prodigy XS, Prodigy 10.0, and the Prodigy 12.0. This review covers the Prodigy 12.0 specifically
Comes in six colors: Camo, Moss-Camo, Lime-Yellow, Purple-White, Red, and Turquoise.
12'2'' long, 27.25'' wide, 53 lbs, max weight 350 lbs.

The Full Report

This past weekend I had the opportunity to try out the Pungo 120, the Carolina 12, and the Prodigy 120 back to back to back. This is my review of the Prodigy 12.0. Look for the other reviews to see how they compare.

My first impression of the Prodigy is that it is stable. Where the Pungo had plenty of secondary stability this boat has tons of initial stability. This means that the Prodigy likes to stay level. It does not like to lean over on it’s edge. As far as ease of control I found that it was relatively easy to turn. It may have been easier to turn than the Pungo if you don’t count the Pungo’s carving ability.

The outfitting is pretty standard and adjustable. There was nothing that really stuck out as being great but there was also nothing that I disliked about it. It took me about 30 seconds to adjust the footpads and the backrest and I was off.

The Good:

User friendly is the name of the game with this boat. It’s not designed to be a high performance kayak that will win races or turn on a dime but anyone can hop in this boat and have fun. There is plenty of stability and it is very easy to control.

The Bad:

While the boat paddles pretty well it’s not excellent in any one category. The outfitting is simple and works but I don’t love it. The boat is stable but there’s no carving or performance ability to the hull design. The materials used are nice but seemed to be a little cheaper than some other brands.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a kayak that is going to be reliable and get the job done this may be your kayak. It doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that the Pungo has but it also comes in at lower price point. This kayak will be great for anyone to hop in and feel comfortable right off the bat.

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