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Gear Review: Prijon Pure

Gear Review: Prijon Pure

Gear Review: Prijon Pure

--Product Information--
Product Name: Pure
Product Brand: Prijon
Best Use: Creek boating River Running
Sizes Available / Specs: We now only carry the Pure in its 79 gal size. We are the only folks in the states that have them new to my knowledge.

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Oregon Washington
Duration: 1 year and ongoing

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review:
While many kayaks can be described as creating a love hate relationship with their paddlers, the Pure and I have a relationship that can only be described as sweet sweet love. The pure stands up to abuse that other kayaks cower in fear from. Dings, scrapes and gouges aren't to be worried about. Cracks? Well if you crack one then you've just won the Beater of the Day award.

 Prijon PurePrijon Pure

The HTP plastic is one of (if not) the strongest plastic in the industry. That strength leads to one major design difference between Prijon and other boats. Most Prijons lack a central pillar. This is a difference to take into consideration when choosing a whitewater boat. That said, I've never had an issue with the lack of the pillar due to the strength of the plastic. The positive side of lacking a central pillar is Prijons make excellent multi-day boats with a large cargo capacity in the stern and bow if you really want to pack them down.

 Prijon PurePrijon Pure

The Pure paddles like a dream. It boofs smoothly, plows through beastly holes and resurfaces like a nuclear submarine breaking Antarctic ice. It has harder chine than most boats in its class allowing you to make and hold those must-make moves with relative ease. It accelerates quickly and with a few well-placed strokes, you can keep up with those Nomad's, Mamba's and Karma's through most conditions. It’s not the fastest boat out there but it is not the slowest.

I've paddled the pure XL for a year and chose it over a Nomad I acquired at the same time as my primary boat. They are hard to find in the states these days. Used tends to be a good bet but these boats are often used and then abused.

"The Good" List: Highly durable & Lacks center pillar = great for multidays.

"The Not so Good List": Its all good.

The Bottom Line: My favorite boat to date. I own a Pure XL and a Prijon Hercules.

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