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Gear Review: Red Ledge Thunderlight Full Zip

Gear Review: Red Ledge Thunderlight Full Zip

Gear Review: Red Ledge Thunderlight Full Zip

--Product Information--Red Ledge Thunderlight Full Zip
Product Name: Thunderlight Full Zip
Product Brand: Red Ledge
Best Use: Rain gear 

--Test Information--
Location of Test: NE Portland
Duration: Half an hour+ on multiple occasions.

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review: I got these pants anticipating the wet weather of the fall, winter, and spring, and being a bike commuter, it's crucial having waterproof clothing. So far I have worn them quite a few times and I have not been disappointed. In moderate rain I stay dry and the material is breathable.

I bought them to wear on rainy bike commutes so I can be presentable and warm when I arrive at my destination. Money well spent. If you're a bike commuter and looking for affordable waterproof cycling gear, then the Red Ledge Thunderlight Full Zip is perfect for you.

"The Good" List: Keeps me dry and comfortable in the ever-rainy Pacific Northwest.

"The Not so Good List": A little baggy and I'm not quite sure why they need to zip so much.

The Bottom Line: Good rain pants for a great price relative to many options I've explored. Great bang for buck buy.

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