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Gear Review: Stohlquist Squeeze Lock

Gear Review: Stohlquist Squeeze Lock

Gear Review: Stohlquist Squeeze Lock

--Product Information--
Product Name: Squeeze Lock
Product Brand: Stohlquist
Best Use: Making PB & J's and cutting ropes.
Sizes Available / Specs: 

  • 3” blade
  • overall length 6.5”
  • 304 series stainless steel

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Washington & Oregon rivers.
Duration: 1 Year

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Full Review: Stohlquist makes some of the best products on the market from PFD's to drysuits. I found that the "squeeze lock" is one of the better river knifes I have ever used. It's very secure on my PFD; after I lock it into place I know it is not going anywhere. I have found that other brands with the same style locking feature do not work as well as the Stohlquist. At the base of the blade there is a small hook that makes it easy to cut rope or fishing line without too much trouble. The "Sqeeze lock" can be pulled out using one hand which is key in a rescue knife. The tip of the blade is flat, similar to a flat head screw driver so it acts as a different type of tool as well. I have used this knife for a while now and would recommend it over a lot of other brands.

The Good List: One hand access, very secure, & great quality.

The Not so Good List: Doesn't offer a beer opener :(

The Bottom Line: Great knife. I would recommend it strictly on the secureness. You should always have a knife on your PFD, and might as well have something that is going to stay on you at all times.

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