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Gear Review: Voile 171 Charger BC Skis

Gear Review: Voile 171 Charger BC Skis

Gear Review: Voile 171 Charger BC Skis

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: Mt. Saint Helens
Duration: 1 day

Product Name: 171 Charger BC
Product Brand: Voilé
Best Use: Alpine touring in any conditions
Sizes Available/ Specs: 

171cm, 181cm, 191cm, 110+mm underfoot
Aspen wood core, decent camber with strong tip rocker and a slight tail rocker as well.

Voile 171 Charger BC Skis

The Full Review

I used the Voilé Charger BC on a trip up Mt. Saint Helen's back in April. I was immediately impressed by how light they were. At 7 lbs 1 oz for the pair, I was certainly dubious as to how they would perform when I really laid into them coming down. I was however, grateful for their weight as I carried them up.

The Charger BC have scaled bases, but the scales are no replacement for skins. Even with brand new G3 skins, I still had some trouble ascending the steep and rainy slopes, though not as much trouble as my friends, who had narrower skis.

Standing a few inches over my 5'6" frame, the 171 ski was quite manageable, and I liked the feel of a 110 underfoot. When we decided to turn around due to inclement weather, I was excited to experience this ski going downhill. Could a ski that did such a good job going up also do a good job going down?

With this ski, the answer was yes. The skis were stiff on edge and rode comfortably, even through the wet Cascade Concrete snow. At high speed, there was no chatter in the tips, and the skis had a strong spring in them as I popped around turns.

When I returned to the shop, I was happy to see that the small rocks I hit did no damage to the base of the skis, and the remained both functionally and cosmetically intact.

The Good:

Light, solid, fun to ski, wide, rockered

The Bad:

A little soft for my taste

The Bottom Line:

This is a superb ski. For someone that enjoys the hike AND the ski, this is what they need--something that performs well in both realms.

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