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Gear Review: Werner Shogun Paddle

Gear Review: Werner Shogun Paddle

Gear Review: Werner Shogun Paddle

Value Rating: 7
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: North Carolina, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington
Duration: 2 Years

Product Name: Shogun Paddle
Product Brand: Werner
Best Use: Creeking


Sho-Gun 1-PC Whitewater Paddle - Straight Standard


Werner Sho-Gun 1-PC Whitewater Paddle - Straight Standard


Sho-Gun 1-PC Whitewater Paddle - Bent Standard


Werner Sho-Gun 1-PC Whitewater Paddle - Bent Standard


The Full Review

Through the years I’ve used a lot of different paddles. I’ve used fiberglass and I’ve used plastic but this was my first foam core, carbon fiber paddle I have owned. Before getting it I used to think “Yeah sure, I bet it’s nice to have a foam core but it can’t make that much of a difference.” Boy was I wrong. The first time I used the paddle I felt like I had suddenly become a better kayaker. Every little stroke transferred to my boat movement so much more crisply and precisely. Having the stiffer paddle increased my boat control. It also increased my top speed. No longer I was I losing energy to the flex in my blades.

One other quality it took me longer to notice was how light weight the paddle is. One day I was using a friends fiberglass paddle and felt like my arms were getting tired more quickly than they should. The next day I was back to using my Shogun and didn’t have the same problem. It occurred to me that it may be the paddle weight and after some additional testing I can say that it does make a difference.

Werner Shogun Paddle

The Good:

This paddle is extremely stiff (meaning efficient) and light weight. The Shogun is Werner’s ultimate performance creeking paddle.

The Bad:

This paddle is pretty pricey. The bent shaft model, which is what I have, comes in at $450 which is almost twice the price of your standard fiberglass paddle. Also, while I haven’t had any issues with mine, Werner does openly admit that their fiberglass blades are going to be more durable than their foam cores.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking to upgrade your gear but you’re not sure where to put your money I suggest looking at this paddle. Few people realize how much of a difference a paddle can make in their kayaking performance. If you have a friend that owns one of these see if you can try it out to feel the difference for yourself.

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