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Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Self Inflating Pillow

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Self Inflating Pillow

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Self Inflating Pillow

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Lake Billy Chinook Area, Timothy Lake, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Other Anonymous Public Forests
Duration: Multiple trips, 1-3+ nights in duration


Product Name: Self-Inflating Pillow
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: camping, car camping, kayak camping, general napping
Sizes Available/ Specs: Self-Inflating, adjustable for personal preference, 10.4 oz
Dimensions 19in x 11in x 3+/-in (depending on inflation)
Includes elastic ties and storage bag
Available in assorted colors and textures.
Lifetime warranty


The Full Review

I thought camp pillows were silly. Why do you need a special pillow just for camping? I was wrong. This thing is totally comfortable and super convenient. I mostly car camp, so it is easy to bring a regular pillow there is plenty of space. Kayak camping there is less space in the hull so I bring a little couch pillow. But I am a princess and still need a pillow, none of this backpack-under-your-head business for me. The WT Self Inflating Pillow is smaller and more durable than either of these options and still just as comfortable a standard pillow. Plus you don't have to take your bed pillow on a dirty adventure. If you are crafty, you can whip up a simple pillow case that is removable and washable. The self-inflating part does what it says. It works really if you give it time. My advice is to unroll at immediately upon arrival and that way it will be ready when you need it. Seal it once you're ready for bed. We got antsy about the "self-inflating" part one time and decided to blow the pillows up a little. This was a mistake; they were totally over inflated and uncomfortable. We spent the night slowly seeping air out of our pillows to get them back to a comfortable state and giggling at our haste. When you pack it up, roll all the air out and then seal it up for the most compact size. Super easy!

Wilderness Technology Self Inflating Pillow


The Good:

Easy to compress, fits in its storage sack easily. Simple & easy to use. Takes up less space than a pair of shoes. When packing four people in a car for a weekend rally, you'd be surprised what a game changer this pillow can be. The size is big enough to be comfy and small enough to fit inside or outside your hooded sleeping bag. And it is surprisingly comfortable. I was skeptical about the size but was proven completely wrong.

The Bad:

Some of the fabrics are not the most comfy on your face. My pillow has a bit of fuzz, soft enough but a little gross if you drool as you can only spot wash it. My husband's pillow is just nylon, he complained it was noisy and sticky feeling. If you like sleeping with your arm under the pillow, it is small and that doesn't work.

Wilderness Technology Self Inflating Pillow
The Bottom Line:

Totally worth it, totally worth the price. This pillow is more handy than you would think! You spend $5 on lunch in one day. Though not tasty, after a full season of use, this pillow lasts a lot longer than your lunch!

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