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Gear Review:  Wilderness Technology Sherpa 90L Duffel Bag

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Sherpa 90L Duffel Bag

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Sherpa 90L Duffel Bag

Wilderness Technology Sherpa 90L Duffel Bag

Product Name: Sherpa 90L Duffel Bag

Product Brand: Wilderness Technology

Best Use: Everything! Traveling, skiing.

Sizes Available: 90L 28"x16"

Sherpa Duffel Bag


Wilderness Technology Sherpa Duffel Bag

Regular Price:




You save: $50.00 (50.01%)

The Review: 

As far as waterproof, multi-use, large capacity, usable duffel bags go, this bag has got to be the best value. The bag boasts several features that I absolutely love. The first is that it’s water resistant. The coated-nylon feels thick and trustworthy, and I had no hesitations about throwing this into the snow filled with a week’s worth of dry clothing.

The second feature that I love is this bag’s size. 90 liters is the perfect size for a multi-use bag such as this one. On my recent ski/college visit trip to Colorado, I fit all my clothes for the week, all my ski clothing, both my ski boots, and two ski helmets in this bag, and I did so without straining the zipper--I could’ve fit more! The bag also has some great high-capacity zipper pockets (one mesh) on the inside that are super helpful for organization.

The third feature is the one that makes this bag truly multi-use: It’s straps. The duffel features two comfortable carrying straps the velcro together to to form a solid handle to transport the bag short distances. However for walks through the airport, I took full advantage of the low profile backpack straps that make this bag a joy to carry, even when fully packed. The straps adjust from either end, are easy to use, and while this bag is not designed as a backpack, it’s surprisingly comfortable to carry as one. The bag also has a large hand strap on either end to make dragging it or picking it up from the ends quite easy.

The bag does have four synch straps on the sides to compress it, and while they’re quite useful, they are not a handle-- careful not to use them as one! The bag held up impressively well after it was handled roughly by the TSA, and showed very little sign of wear after a week of significant use.

This is truly an all-around bag, and you cannot get a better price or value on one like it (don’t forget that Wilderness Technology products come with a lifetime warranty!). The bag is incredibly useful when it comes to schlepping ski gear, clothing, heavy objects, Next Adventure swag, or just about anything else. I would highly recommend that everyone pick up on of these bags, and I would not think twice about buying it again.

The Good: 

- Large size
- Waterproof
- Durable
- Backpack straps!
- Multi-use

The Bad: Nothing comes to mind--this is a great bag!

The Bottom Line: This is an awesome product that has many uses regardless of your sport or lifestyle, and you could not get a better value.

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