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Gear Review: Wilderness Technology TPU Air Mattress

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology TPU Air Mattress

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology TPU Air Mattress

--Product Information--
Product Name: TPU Air Mattress
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Sleeping. Well,... honestly, anything humans do horizontally.
Sizes Available / Specs: 48'' x 79'' x 6'' 5.5lbs

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Sisters, Oregon
Duration: 5 Days

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: I used to be able to sleep on rocks when I was younger, and I suppose I still could if pressed to do so. However, as I get a little older I WILL TAKE ANY CREATURE-COMFORT AVAILABLE while car camping. I recently needed to replace my old self-inflating sleeping pad "...as every sleeping pad will need to be replaced at some point. They don't live forever." (-Joe F.) In a pinch, I grabbed the 2-Person TPU Air Mattress for a 5-day camping trip down in Sisters, Oregon. Well, buddy, let me tell you that was the BEST last minute decision I have ever made, apart from NOT drafting Cam Newton in the 3rd round of my 'amateur-ish' fantasy football league.

My lady and I slept so incredibly well for 4 nights in a row, I was actually inspired enough to sit and write this review to share the wealth of my recent discovery of this golden pearl made by the hands of Hypnos (the Greek God of Sleep) himself, the TPU Air Mattress.

Wilderness Technology TPU Air Mattress

The mattress was surprisingly comfortable, even up to the fourth night in a row. The mattress was also big enough that the two of us never woke up the other throughout the night. Furthermore, the mattress never "dipped" in the middle, which has almost always been my experience with other 2-person air mattresses. My lady usually complains about lower back pains on morning 2 of camping trips, but not this time around. This trip she only complained about my surprisingly terrible fire-making skills. Lastly, and the craziest part of the TPU, is that we inflated the mattress the first night while setting up camp and that was literally the only time we bothered with it. It stayed inflated the first night until we deflated it while breaking down 4 days later.

The ONLY bad part of the mattress we walked away with is that we are forever spoiled that the TPU Air Mattress has set the new standard for car camping. There is no going back. Hypnos, thank you for your gifts to us feeble humans!!

"The Good" List: Never dipped in the middle, very comfortably slept two, inflated once in 4 nights of sleeping, it's green, and it was obviously made by Hypnos.

"The Not so Good List": It accentuated my terrible fire-making skills. Honestly, I have no complaints... except the above comment.

The Bottom Line: Get it. Use it.

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