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Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Wildy Down 700

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Wildy Down 700

Gear Review: Wilderness Technology Wildy Down 700

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: Lake Billy Chinook Area, Oregon
Duration: 3 Days

Product Name: Wildy Down 700
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Cold Camping with Shelter, Backpacking
Sizes Available/Specs:
700 Fill Down
Mummy Shape
Length 195cm (I think this is a Long as I had a full 8 inches to spare)
Cold Temperature Rating 15-25 F
Net Weight 2.87 lbs
Nylon shell & lining, blue with black outside, black inside.
Right Side Zipper (Left Available Too)
Exterior Loops for Bivy
Full hood with down-filled gasket
Interior collar with draw cord
Internal zipper pocket for headlamp, switchblade, chapstick, etc
Includes compression sack & cotton storage bag (with lots of instructions).
Lifetime Warranty

Other Options:
Available in assorted colors: green, dark & light blue, red
Regular Length is 180cm, Long is 195cm
Wildy Down 500 (temp 30 to 40 F)
Wildy Down 700 (temp 15 to 25 F)
Wildy Down 900 (temp -5 to 5 F)
Wildy Down 1200 (temp -15 to -5 F)

The Full Review

What a fun weekend in the high desert! Campfires are finally allowed. This is one of our final trips for the season before the nighttime temperatures become unbearable. I have to be honest and start with the fact that I am a lady who is always cold, so I end up sleeping while camping in at least 2 layers of clothing. My latest trick is double-bagging, where I use a 0 bag inside a 40 bag (both synthetic fill and relatively cheap). (This is why I opted for a lower rated bag even though temps didn't get that cold). I am hyped! I was so comfortable. I am a down convert. The bag it weighs less than my synthetic bag and takes up less space. And I was so cozy. It is totally worth the extra investment is you are a cold sleeper.

Unfortunately on this trip the temps were not as low as I hoped for a full test. The first night was 35, the lowest of the trip and my baseline for this review. I slept on a mattress in a non-insulated building. I slept in only a wool-blend base layer.

Wilderness Technology Wildy Down 700

The Good:

I was totally WARM!!! This is a miracle. I'm actually considering more trips this season armed with the knowledge that I will finally be warm enough at night. The hood, collar and other features work great, no drafts, no hat required. The hood is a good shape and doesn't get in your face. I wiggle a lot at night; everything stayed put and I didn't get twisted up. The compression sack is not too small and it is easy to pack. The price is also a bonus.

The Bad:

I struggled with the zipper getting stuck a bit. There is a solid strip of webbing along the zipper, most people will probably be fine. I have zipper issues. I struggled a bit trying to hop out of the bag for a quick WC run (which had nothing to do with any adult activities that happened the night before I swear).
The internal collar has awkward velcro where it crosses the zipper. If it was cold enough to need it I would have been annoyed.

The Bottom Line:

This is a fantastic down bag for the price. If you are a cold sleeper I HIGHLY recommend it. The Wildy Down 700 has all the features of the name brand bags out there without the price. I'm so excited about this purchase. Game changer.

Wilderness Technology Wildy Down 700

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