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Hab/Rec 2011

Hab/Rec 2011

Hab/Rec 2011

For some disc golfers, the transition from summer to fall means winding down the golf season and putting away the discs for a few months. For other golfers (myself included) it means arranging your work schedule to sneak in a round before dark, and playing tournaments that challenge your ability to stay in the game in spite of challenging weather and/or course conditions.  The first of these rainy season tournaments is the mighty Hab/Rec, held the first weekend of October at Milo McIver State Park in Estacada. With all 36 holes of this tough course in use, the added possibility of pouring rain and blustering winds, and noticeably shorter days, you have a recipe for testing your winter golf preparedness. 
The night before a tournament should always include some prep of your gear.  I love gear and my closet shows it.  For Hab/Rec I threw everything I could possibly need in the bag: change of shoes/socks/pants/shirts/extra towels, and I also threw in the full rain gear and umbrella just in case.  When it comes to inclement weather and golf, I really believe that an enjoyable round starts with being comfortable. In my early years of golf I would suffer through rounds in wet shoes, a soaking wet sweatshirt, and a huge wet spot on my back from carrying my wet bag.  My scores would really reflect all of these distractions.  When I am warm and dry under my gear, I can stay focused on the golf.

A couple links to my favorite gear for the cold/rainy season:
My favorite rain jacket: 
Water resistant shells: 
Base layer (top and pants) that cuts down on bulk, keeps you warm, and allows good movement:
Waterproof shoes or boots to keep your feet dry and warm: 


Mental and physical preparation are both important before a tournament.  Some players like to play the course a few times the week before to figure out what they’ll throw.  For me, practicing my putt in the back yard is the most valuable time I can spend in preparation.  Putts are where my game can come together and give me confidence in a round--or make me want to cry. 
Kirsten putting with a little sauce
My mental preparation for Hab/Rec mostly consisted of being really excited to play with the other women in my group.  Kirsten, Sarah, Ashley, and I all started playing tournaments right around the same time and I knew it would be anyone’s game.  No matter what Milo threw at us, it was going to be one of the most fun groups ever.
Kirsten getting out of a tricky spot.  Having fun yet?
This year celebrated the 10th of the annual Hab/Rec and TD Patrick Buckley took some time to acknowledge players who have played all 10 years.

10 time Hab/Rec players
After arriving at Milo with the help of our carpool from Newberg, we had time to warm up our throws a little and catch up with our golf buddies.  Hab/Rec is a non-sanctioned tournament so we grabbed our homebrew that Kirsten and her husband, Chris, brewed and hit the West course.  With a delicious Ginger beer and Blackberry Wheat on hand our first round went by pretty quick.
Sarah starting us off on the first hole
Kirsten whips her hair back and forth
Look out!  Roller!  Don't worry I missed her and got the birdie.
Our friend and fellow golfer Rachel, and her pup Tucker, walked most of the first round with us taking pictures. 
When we were bringing in our scorecards, I knew I had played really well, even if we were playing from the Am tees.  I had a couple birdies and only one or two 5’s on the really long holes.  My putts were on and my rollers were rolling.   Ashley and Sarah counted up our scores first and let me know I shot a 62, a lead of 9 strokes.  I had to count that a few times because for me this was the best round I had ever played on a tough course.  Oh the joy I got from the pro ladies playfully calling me a sandbagger and telling me to “move up!”  I had outshot all the pro ladies and even a few of the guys!
Next Adventure sponsored lunch for Hab/Rec and we were definitely ready for some burgers and dogs before our next round.  Next Adventure also brought out a few kegs of HUB beer for everyone’s enjoyment.  

Lining up for lunch from Next Adventure

For the second round everyone switched courses and we headed over to the East course.  Although this course is a little shorter in length it plays much tougher for me.  I had three out-of-bounds penalties on three consecutive holes.  After the first one Kirsten gave me a little pep talk saying not to worry and that I could afford the extra stroke.  After the third out of bounds I got a stern, “OK that was your last one.”  A swig of the homebrew and a solid roller shot later and I was back on track.  

No backhand throwing for me
We brought in the cards and I had taken first place by a total of 12 strokes.  My fellow Next Adventure Flight Crew teammate, Cindy, has recently started playing more events in the pro women’s division.  It was a good move for Cindy as she took home 1st place in the Pro Women division!  She really fought for it, besting Flight Crew member Emma by only one stroke.  Sounds like the start of a good, friendly rivalry to me.
Pro ladies Miranda, Cindy, Rachel, and Emma (in front)
The Hab/Rec team got to work verifying scores and ran a great raffle for lots of disc golf and outdoor gear, keeping everyone busy while they got the awards ready.

The wonderful Hab/Rec crew verifying scores

Cindy and Celeste with our beautiful trophies
With Hab/Rec in the bag, I’m looking forward to more winter competition with the Hope Open (Corvallis),  Stumptown winter SLOSH series (Portland area), and Festivus (Adair).  

Bring it on, winter--I’m an Oregon native!
Thanks again to Patrick Buckley and the Hab/Rec crew: you did an amazing job running a very fun event.  Your hard work is appreciated by the golfers who look forward to this event annually.  Sponsors included Next Adventure, huk lab, Innova Discs, Keen Footwear,DisplayYourDisc.com,  Stumptown Disc Golf, 4discgolf.com, and Steve Carson, Keith Shupp, and Jeff Browning.
The amazing volunteers included Dustin Milbrodt, Mike Best, Tali Best, Doug Booth, Aaron Kirschling, Trey Morgan, Bruce Murphy, Carson Wilson, Dustin's Mom Ada, and Ken, Matt Moule, James Moore, all of the scorers.  Thank you for generously donating your time and energy!
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